Accent Anxiety

It seems so long ago now that I was a woman of leisure blogging about how my 9-5 was how I funded my travel adventures. 9-5 has recently become all-consuming so time to write seems to have disappeared with time to think! Fortunately I have found a blogger who has articulated one of my major sources of emigration neurosis so perfectly I think a reblog is in order. A fellow South Londoner who also recently moved elsewhere (to Denmark), dude coined the term ‘Accent Anxiety’ when detailing some of the concerns a person living in a language which isn’t their own might have. As good as my French is these days, I have had to accept I can’t go to a dinner party like a normal person. Large groups + new people + alcohol = communication issues. I felt like he heard me. Hopefully you will too…

Musings of a Serial Procrastinator

It’s late and I can’t sleep. My insomnia’s gorging on late night Discovery Channel. The crowd pleasing programming has retired for the night, leaving me with their less talented cousins. Tonight it’s “Moonshiners”, which as the name would suggest follows the ups and mostly downs of down-n-out hillbillies trying to make money through the production of illicit alcohol.

It isn’t entertaining, but I watch anyway, hoping the fumes from its dullness will carry me away like anti-smelling salts.

I watch in a near vegetive state, wondering which had the strongest influence on their current career choice: Their lack of employment opportunities, or their accents. I half doze and imagine a fully qualified ‘Jim Bob’ going for an interview in the corporate hospitality sector – cursing his decision to conclude his Powerpoint presentation with the line “…and y’all be shurda come back again, ya hear!”

Back in the UK I befriended…

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