Maybe Another Time…in Martinique

This past month has seen my heart delight in exposure to some of the serious local talent in my Caribbean island home of Martinique, and its artistic output.  It has been fantastic. It’s also convinced me that while I’m not the whizziest kid on the planet, not being experienced in embedding videos is no reason not to big up artists who do great work.  Or work that I like at any rate.

I’m mid a post on some of the awesomeness I’ve run into of late (it’s been a VERY interesting month in Martinique), but one of the things that had me jumping up and down was this short film from director Khris Burton.  It’s been shortlisted for Filminute’s People’s Choice Award and voting closes tomorrow.  Filminute’s an international short film festival (filMINUTE…geddit?), with the shortlist including about 20 films from Hong Kong, Columbia, India, the UK, Egypt, Iran, France, the US, South Africa, Sweden among other countries.  Maybe Another Time is the only entry from the Caribbean.

I’d never dream of influencing your vote, but I presume you will watch the video, be amazed, and then vote for Maybe Another Time cos if you’re reading this, you’re cool.  And that’s what all the cool people are doing don’cha know.

Hope you enjoy!



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