Listening in on Young People in South Africa

I often reference books I like, or which made me think, or which taught me something I think might prove useful to know sooner or later.  Memoirs of a Born Free, about a young woman activist growing up in post-apartheid South Africa, is one of those books.

This review,  on the Steve Biko Foundation’s Frank Talk blog, discusses the book and it’s Eastern Cape launch event in Ginsberg, and sums up why I think it’s a must-read for you.


2 thoughts on “Listening in on Young People in South Africa

  1. althia

    Thanks girl-chile! something I could do with now that I am officially ON VACATION!!!… hope yours is continuing to be just as intense as the book your are suggesting?

  2. MsMovingBlack Post author

    Au contraire!! Thankfully the intensity is lessening! But I am enjoying it nonetheless and learning LOTS as I go! I will lend you Memoirs once I’m back if you can wait that long…gros bisous!


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