Mesi anchay, Thanks a bunch, Merci beaucoup

Thank you for reading movingblack.

Whether you just fell upon this blog today or you’ve been reading since the first posts I published, if you’ve read more than 2 posts, thank you.  The more you’ve read here, the higher the likelihood you’ve waded through the better, worse, more and less clumsy and longer and shorter of my attempts at articulating what makes perfect sense in my head.   Sometimes.  I therefore salute you.

Thanks also because I still am far too self-conscious a writer to actively promote this space, so every page view or notification of a new follower I get makes me smile.  As did my nomination for a Very Inspiring Blogger award from Leah at Went Looking a few months back (thanks also for not requiring me to do anything), and the conversations that came out of a collaboration with the incomparably awesome Ecuadorian travel writer Bani Amor that ended up published on Matador Network.

I’ll take this opportunity to apologise if I haven’t yet been onto your blog to thank you for following, replied quickly (or at all! Yet!) to a comment you thoughtfully left on mine, or (!!!) responded to an email: I am neither the most disciplined nor organised human being you will ever virtually meet, and my internet/blogging etiquette is spectacularly poor.  No offence is intended.

The ‘moving’ in movingblack is a loaded double entendre.  It refers to travel of course, but also progress, like progressive politics, and growth and change in its many guises, either personally, or collectively.  The name is something of a statement of intent, although you the reader will decide if what I set out to do, is what has in fact been done.

I started this blog because I wanted to tell stories.  Or more accurately, I wanted to see if I could tell stories.  I wanted to record my experience of migration however temporary, while acknowledging those who did it before me, and who do exactly the kind of stuff I think is cool, but don’t write about it.

I still want to do all those things, but I am changing tack.  Two years in I note that I’m not necessarily the best person to tell all the stories, or explain all the perspectives I would like to share.  Thus, from time to time, I hope to feature guest writers in this here space.  Black* travelling types with a heart for the Caribbean who also wander with a critical eye and are prepared to articulate their thoughts.

So movingblack is on the move!  The first guest will be Zahra Dalilah, a newer but interesting blogger in Spain in the next few days.  If you’re curious, for a taster, I love what she wrote about naming genocide on her blog.

Finally I hope you’ve enjoyed reading movingblack!  I’m a firm believer that travel is supposed to be fun, so reading about it shouldn’t be a chore.

Wishing you all the best and amazing adventures for 2015!


PS – If you feel like you fit the profile, like the vibe, and want to contribute to movingblack, feel free to email me.  I take ages, but I do reply.

*mostly continental and diasporic Africans, but I’m pretty sure it will stretch to what the Americans call ‘people of colour’.

1 thought on “Mesi anchay, Thanks a bunch, Merci beaucoup

  1. Leah (Went Looking)

    Sorry for the late comment – meant to respond yesterday but then, of course, things came up!

    I just wanted to say I’m really excited to hear more perspectives on your blog. Already it opens me up to thinking about topics and places I don’t have experience with, and a huge thanks for that!


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