About…a girl?

Where I’m From

Born and raised in London during the 90s to parents who emigrated from the British coblogpiclonial Caribbean, I have also lived in northern Thailand, and Martinique in the Caribbean.  I relocated to the Caribbean in Oct 2012, and have toted backpacks across North, South, East and West Africa, the US, South America, South-East Asia, Western Europe, many of the Caribbean islands and several of the coastal nations.  Why I travel, is a question I’ve tried to answer here, and why I write about my travels is elucidated here.

Why I do this

I like to think movingblack is a handy way for loved ones to follow my adventures but it’s also an opportunity for me to share a bit about the other folk like me who moved long before me, decades and centuries earlier, and those who continue to move around little old planet earth.  Increasingly, I find myself enjoying writing about Martinique simply because it fascinates me.

Things I think about

I’m well interested in the concepts of home, identity, representation, community and belonging, and obsessed with past and present power dynamics, so there may well be a fair few ruminations on such things, sort of like in my posts The Identitly/Location Shuffle and All Caribbean Men Dress Up As Women, but on va voir as the French say.  I do that a lot too, drop French expressions in.  I try to keep them in italics.  I do that a lot too.  Digress.  Speaking of, I should probably mention that my interests have a lot to do with my personal background, and I learnt loads more working at the Separation and Reunion Forum.


Oh, and I’m black.  And from South London (where all the cool Londoners live).  I started travelling on my own as an opinionated but impressionable 18 and haven’t look back.  Oh, and I’m a Ms.  All 3 of these influence my perspective, and may also be evident in the way I write.

Happy reading!!


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21 thoughts on “About…a girl?

    1. MsMovingBlack Post author

      Hi Kendall, thanks very much for stopping by and I’m glad you liked what you found. Apologies for the delayed response; internet speed has been pretty much decapitated this past week. Especial thanks for the positive vibes: best of luck on your journey, K.

  1. althia

    I’ve just skidded on the surface of your blog taking in all the themes and subjects – can’t wait to dive in deeper. Great initiative!! I’m sharing this with everyone! ‘Bonne continuation’ et ‘longue vie!!’

      1. triciatallen

        It’s never too late. Thanks much. By the way, I notice you are enjoying Ghana. Which places are you desperate to visit next? For me it’s South Korea. Still haven’t been to Africa yet but if or when I do, Ghana will be a must.

  2. MsMovingBlack Post author

    Thanks for the forgiveness 🙂 and what a question! I’ve taken a while to respond because you really stumped me! Desperate is a strong word, but it’s probably Nigeria. It’s such a powerhouse of a country, has produced some of the twentieth century’s finest and most exciting intellectuals (I’m thinking Soyinka and Achebe), and with Chimamanda (Americanah excepting) and black British playwrights of Nigerian descent lighting up British theatre, the twenty-first century has started off giving me palpitations. I love the literature, the food, the music, find the history fascinating and the people unusually unapologetic. Whether it’s an image or real there’s an entrepreneurial spirit, a creativity about Nigerians which I find magnetic. As a descendant of enslaved people, Ghana was a powerful experience which made me even more curious about Nigeria. And Mali, and Senegal. The real answer is Jamaica, but that trip is highly likely to happen soon so I’m thinking more about the one after! Why South Korea?

  3. realplacespeoplestories

    Hi there! Great blog! I really look forward to follow you and your blog! I love to travel too, and read about topics related to it! So then this blog fits well for me! Thank you so much too for stopping by my blog and following too! It is highly appreciated!

  4. Courtney

    ! I came across your blog and as I was reading your post i could not help but admire you and your writing! I think you are amazing, and your writing is rich with intellectual complexity,thoughtfulness,and passion! Please continue writing you’ve inspired me to pack my bags! All the best to you on your journey.


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