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7 things I didn’t know about WOOFing in Martinique (plus 2 things I did)

FYI the t-shirt says 'Support Windward Bananas'Like any armchair lefty, I have long harboured the secret desire to go WOOFing.  WOOFing is proper proof of commitment to social change; it’s stuff white people like #132 for heaven’s sake!  Actually, I didn’t know that ’til I started writing this.  And I’m not white, although I do have a history degree.  But when you work in the UK charity sector long enough, you know how it goes and so a quick google confirmed my suspicions. So, should I one day decide to try and get another job in the sector once this adventure has come to a close, I will be able to explain a competency via my WOOFing experience.

Oh, you don’t know what WOOFing is?  Please excuse my presumptuousness.  For those not in the know, Working On an Organic Farm is exactly that.  Sort of.  It’s voluntary, unpaid work, often in exchange for food and lodging, and for the London-based, usually takes place abroad, possibly combined with some extended travel.  And comes with serious leftie cred.  Continue reading

Fishing, Swimming, Rivers, Beaches, Sea: Adventures of a water baby

If you’re a water baby like me you’ll appreciate how fabulous the past week and a bit has been.

A late night picnic which not only included good food and company, but the challenge of singing songs across musical genres by your favourite artists with dreadlocks, excluding Bob Marley. A lot of laughter, and a huge back catalogue to play with; we left ‘cos it was a weeknight and we had work in the morning, not ‘cos we couldn’t keep going. Water link? Though we were on the other side of the park, we had to drive past the water as the park ends about 10m from the edge of the pier.

Two days later I skipped across town and headed down to the rainforest after work (as you do), or more precisely, to one of the many rivers run through parts of it. Continue reading